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The INCAE Foundation
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The INCAE Foundation is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to support and strengthen management education in Central America.  

The INCAE Foundation carries out its work primarily by providing financial support to INCAE Business School, one of Latin America’s leading graduate schools of management, which has campuses in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The INCAE Foundation provides scholarships to students in INCAE’s MBA program as well as INCAE graduates who are enrolled in doctoral programs at U.S. universities and intend to return to INCAE to join its faculty. It also receives and disperses donations from individuals, corporations and foundations who want to support the work of INCAE Business School. 

Created in 1980, the INCAE Foundation currently has assets of US$9.1 million. From investment earnings over the years, the Foundation has donated $13.2 million for scholarship and other support. 

The Foundation also receives donations from foundations, corporations, and individuals in the United States and Central America to provide both unrestricted and project support at INCAE. 100% of these donations go to INCAE, i.e. the Foundation does not use any of this money for its own operations.

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