Larry Slesinger
Phone: +1-301-320-0680
The INCAE Foundation
Post Office Box 639 
Glen Echo, Maryland 20812



The INCAE Foundation Governance









The INCAE Foundation is governed by a board of directors whose members have had distinguished careers in business, government, higher education, and other areas. Current board members are:

  • George W. Logan, President
  • Michael Williams, Vice President and Secretary
  • Stephen Campbell, Treasurer
  • Roberto Artavia, Member
  • Victor Balestra, Member
  • Brizio Biondi-Morra, Member
  • Enrique Bolaños, Member
  • Susan Kaufman Purcell, Member
  • Federico Sacasa, Member
  • Francisco R.R. de Sola, Member
  • Robert Brunner, Member

To keep expenses low, thereby increasing the amount of money available for scholarships, the INCAE Foundation has no paid staff or office. Instead, it outsources its administrative responsibilities to Larry Slesinger.